King’s Heart Bath Bomb


King’s Heart is packed with pure essential oils and natural ingredients offering an enjoyable way to treat your skin and indulge in aromatherapy. A king’s heart is rich and generous just like our King’s Heart bath bomb. The essential oils and unique salts provide many nourishing properties that will infuse the skin and body with minerals to leave it hydrated and soft. Enjoy the wonderful smell and relaxation for the body, and mind with a King’s Heart.

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All our ingredients are supplied from God’s pantry and are guaranteed to be full of nurture and laced with love.

Directions for use:

  1. Immerse the bath bomb in the bath.
  2. Let it dissolve completely.
  3. Relax and enjoy the nourishment and aromas.


Cedarwood essential oil
Juniper berry essential oil
Sweet almond oil
Epsom salt
Himalayan salt
Sodium bicarbonate
Citric acid
Sandalwood hydrosol water

Safe and kind to your skin:
Suitable for vegans.
100% organic.

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Weight 70 g


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